The Truth Is – Positive Community Norms

This universal strategy is used to correct misperceptions and promote positive social norms so that the positive choices teens make become a positive influence on others. For example, most teens think it’s common for their peers to use alcohol, but surveys show most youth never or rarely drink.

Summertime offers a lot more freedom for teens. Click here to watch this video and talk to your teen about making responsible choices and the dangers of underage drinking:

Parents, check out our video for special events like dances, prom and graduation. Take time to talk to your teen about avoiding underage alcohol use. Click here to view our video:

Myths and Facts About Underage Drinking:  MythsFactsBrochure_508compliant

SAMHSA’s Family Guide to Underage Drinking Prevention (download digital version):


For more information, visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s website at: