For Schools and Students

In partnership with schools, Youth First provides programs on-site during the school day facilitated by the Youth First Social Worker in collaboration with school personnel.

Available Programs

Youth First School Social Workers

In partnership with schools, Youth First provides specially trained and closely supervised social workers to assess and address student, family and school needs. They provide prevention and early intervention programs and services for individuals and groups. They also make referrals to community providers for additional services. Youth First Social Workers serve schools in a seven-county […]

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Reconnecting Youth

This semester-long program taught by the YF Social Worker and school staff is an intervention program for high school teens at risk for dropping out of school due to drug involvement, school performance and/or emotional distress. View the impact of the Reconnecting Youth Program here: 2015-2016 RY Brief 2014-2015 RY Brief    

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LifeSkills Training

This program is integrated into health classes in grades 6-8 by teachers and facilitated by the YF Social Worker in 9th grade as a booster session. The program increases self-esteem, develops healthy attitudes, and improves knowledge of general life skills, all of which promote healthy and positive personal development. View the impact of the Life […]

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Teen Series

This program for 9th grade students in selected classrooms offers five important topics for teens: being a teenager; substance use and abuse; dating; coping skills for depression, anxiety and anger; and family relationship issues. Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR) is also part of the Teen Series curriculum and is an approach to confronting someone about […]

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Using a multi-sensory approach, this program taught by YF Social Workers includes journaling, music, and physical activity. It teaches youth that making good decisions is hard work but offers them more opportunity, freedom and self-respect. View the impact of the WhyTry Program here: 2015-2016 Why Try Brief  

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Growing Through Loss

This selective program provides a supportive, therapeutic and educational learning experience for grieving and depressed youth that allows them to integrate loss into a sense of purpose and meaning. Effort is made to encourage participants to use their painful experiences as a result of their loss to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Al’s Pals

This program for children in kindergarten and 1st grade is taught by teachers during the school day. The program develops social-emotional skills such as self-control, problem-solving, and healthy decision making.

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