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To email social workers (first initial, last name

Director of Social Work and Clinical Supervisor of Social Workers                 

Davi Stein-Kiley, LCSW
812-421-8336 x110

Clinical Supervisor of Social Workers
Laura Keys, LCSW
812-421-8336 x107

School Social Workers

Laura Arrick, LCSW
Evansville Day School, 812-476-3039  and
Mt. Vernon Jr. High School, 812-833-5883

Tiffany Austin, MSW
Glenwood Leadership Academy, 812-435-8242 x11308

Kathy Baker, LCSW
Castle High School, 812-853-3331

Mary Ruth Branstetter, LCSW
Holy Redeemer Elementary, 812-422-3688

Joan Carie, LCSW
Academy for Innovative Studies, 812-435-8316

Elizabeth Christmas, LCSW
North Posey High School, 812-673-6612

Valorie Dassel, LCSW
Mater Dei High School,


Alissa Eastham, LCSW
Central High School, 812-435-8292

Beth Embry, LSW
Dexter Elementary School, 812-476-1321
Harper Elementary School, 812-476-1308

Dena Embrey
North Elementary (North Posey), 812-874-8807
South Terrace Elementary (North Posey), 812-985-3180

Joel Fehsenfeld, LSW
Memorial High School, 812-476-4973 x261

Tiffany Harper, MSW
Reitz High School, 812-435-8206

Vicki Kirkman, LCSW
Gibson Southern High School


Mark Luzader, LCSW
Evans School, 812-435-8330

Kelsey Martin, MSW
Castle High School, 812-853-3331

Teresa Mercer, LCSW
Wood Memorial High School, 812-749-4757

Dianna Miller, LCSW
North High School, 812-435-8283 x55040

Heather Miller, MSW
Washington Middle School, 812-477-8983

Alice Munson, LSW
Corpus Christi, 812-423-9115
Holy Spirit, 812-422-7208

Katie Omohundro, LSW
Thompkins Middle School, 812-435-8323

Sarah Postlewaite, LCSW
Vogel Elementary School, 812-477-6109

Amber Russell, LCSW
Tecumseh Jr. & Sr. High, 812-922-3237
Elberfeld Elementary, 812-983-4221
Yankeetown Elementary, 812-853-8500

Callie Sanders, MSW
Ft. Branch, 812-753-3641
Haubstadt, 812-768-6487
Owensville, 812-724-3705 (South Gibson)

Theresa Schneider, MSW
McGary Middle School,


Brooke Skipper, LCSW
Bosse High School, 812-477-1661 x22128

Ben Smith, LCSW
Lodge Community School, 812-477-5319

Emily Sommers, MSW
Castle North Middle School, 812-853-7347
Castle South Middle School, 812-490-7930

Amy Steele, LSW
Resurrection, 812-963-6148
St. Boniface, 812-422-1014
St. Agnes, 812-477-9082

Sarah Swartz
Princeton Middle School, 812-385-2591
Princeton High School, 812-385-2020

Dawn Tedrow, LCSW
Mt. Vernon Sr. High School, 812-833-5912

Christine Weinzapfel-Hayden, LCSW
West Elementary, 812-833-2072 (Mt. Vernon)
St. Philip Catholic, 812-985-2447

Nichole White
Harrison High School, 812-476-3051 x77021

Donna Wolter, LCSW
Holy Rosary, 812-477-2271
St. Benedict, 812-425-4596

Youth First’s mission is to strengthen youth and families through evidence-based programs that prevent substance abuse, promote healthy behaviors, and maximize student success.

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Wok N Roll Supports Youth First

Wok n Roll’s owner Jane Tang supports Youth First by donating 20% of her sales on the first Saturday of each month.

311 South Green River Road,
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Cold Stone Creamery and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Support Youth First

Coldstone Creamery and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory support Youth First by donating 20% of their sales on the first Monday of each month.
Visit their locations at
6402 E. Lloyd Expressway,
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