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It's Never Too Late To Get Help!

If you think you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, don't hesitate. The longer you wait to get help, the worse off you or your friend may be.

Talk To An Adult You Trust

No matter how bad or not so bad your or your friend's alcohol or drug problem is, the first thing you should do is talk to an adult you trust. This doesn't have to be a parent. It can be another relative, a Youth First school social worker, a teacher or school counselor, a minister, a friend of the family - whoever! Just talk to an adult and tell them what's up. It's amazing how much better you'll feel as soon as you "get it off your chest." Then by talking about the situation, you can figure out together what you should do next. If you're the one with the problem, the adult can help you decide if you just need to make some lifestyle changes or if you need professional treatment. Whether you want to believe it or not, adults can really be helpful. If it's a friend that you think has a problem, the adult can help you decide if it's really a drug or alcohol problem or if something happened that you didn't know about that made your friend act this way. They can also help you figure out whether you should confront your friend or tell your friend's parents. They'll even help you do it.

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