About Us

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Youth First exists to transform and strengthen the lives of young people and their families. We are the only organization that provides Masters level social workers in area schools and prevention programs for families and youths. On-site, free of charge behavioral health services and programs prevent substance abuse, improve family relationships and develop life skills.

Proof of our results can be witnessed through independent evaluations with measurable outcomes and by testimonials from those who have been touched by our programs. Those who engage with us will benefit by being part of a better, stronger, healthier community in which to live, work and raise a family.

Founded in 1998, Youth First, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization based in Evansville, Indiana, and primarily serves the Southwest Indiana region.   Youth First is governed by a Board of Directors and funded by charitable donations, grants, and fees for services.

Our Mission

Youth First’s mission is to strengthen youth and families through evidence-based programs that prevent substance abuse, promote healthy behaviors, and maximize student success.

Our Vision

Youth First’s vision is communities supporting healthy, safe and successful youth and families.


Youth First's program strategies

Our  Values:

  1. Passion:   Enthusiastic and determined support for helping youth and families succeed.
  2. Compassion:   A deep and sincere concern for the suffering of others and a strong desire to help them overcome life’s challenges.
  3. Empowerment:   The ability to strengthen the motivation and skills of others to develop and accomplish goals.
  4. Integrity:   A steadfast commitment to high professional and moral standards.
  5. Stewardship:   The trustworthy care of our resources, especially the gifts, talents, and treasure provided by donors, partners, volunteers, and staff.
  6. Accountability:  An adherence to evidence-based practices, strong oversight, well-documented results, and continuous quality improvement.
  7. Strategic Thinking:  Careful and focused planning and decision-making to achieve lasting results.