Don’t Let Anger Turn to Hate

By Katherine Baker, Courier & Press, January 20, 2015 —

As a school social worker, I often work with individuals whose past resentments escalate from anger to hate. Unresolved anger can affect you and those around you. Your ability to reason and think clearly can be clouded by the anger you feel.

American society promotes anger in many ways. We are taught to be super competitive. Others are sometimes viewed as rivals who are trying to defeat and destroy us, and we are taught to be on guard.

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When Sleep Calls, Give Your Mind and Body a Rest

By Jon Haslam, Courier & Press, 1/13/15 —

When I was teen, I remember turning on my television at night and cranking the volume down to a quiet hum. I prayed that my parents wouldn’t be able to hear the bass riff that kicked off an episode of “Seinfeld” and, to be honest, I usually got away with it. It seemed like every night I would fall asleep to the warm glow of my TV/VCR combo.

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